Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movie Premiere Fashions: Good Hair & Law-Abiding Citizen

There have been a number of notable movie premieres over the past week including Good Hair (which I cannot wait to see tomorrow!) and Law-Abiding Citizen. Along with notable movie premieres come notable celebrity fashions. Here are a few of my faves:

Nia Long, Good Hair Premiere

I thought Nia's hair and makeup were amazing. She was actually glowing. I need to find somebody to teach me how to do this for myself!

And I loved her sparkly blouse, appropriately paired with shorts...very cute.

Eve, Good Hair premiere

I haven't seen Eve out in a while so I was pleasantly surprised to see her in some pics. Although I love the embroidery on this piece, I hate how drab the color is. I would've loved to see the same style in a brighter color or at least a glossier material.

Raven Simone, Good Hair Premiere

Considering Raven's previous fashion choices, I am VERY proud of her for this. She picked a flattering color and cut and she looks trendy.

Melyssa Ford, Good Hair Premiere

I love the color and the cut of this dress. The side draping makes it elegant but still sexy and body-conscious. I think I could've done without the chunky belt though. It takes away from the construction of the dress. I might've opted for a short necklace instead.

Gabrielle Union, Good Hair Premiere

As beautiful as Gabrielle Union is, I was slightly disappointed with her ensenble. Its kinda...regular. I think the jacket is cute. I think the dress is cute too. I think they would've been better off worn separately. That printed dress under there is screaming to be worn alone.

No complaints on the following ensembles from the LawAbiding Citizine Premiere:

Sanaa Lathan, Law-Abiding Citizen Premiere

I really admire the monochramatic look when it's done right. This ensemble looks flawless on Sanaa. Again we see the body-conscious draping in Sanaa's skirt. I like the bell sleeves on her top also.

Regina Hall, Law Abiding Citizen Premiere

I couldn't pull of this micr-mini dress but she looks great in it. I like that it's flapper style without being over the top.

Eva Marcille, Law Abiding Citizen Premiere

Eva is right on trend with these pieces! The military jacket is so unconventional. I love how she's rocking the neutral color when everyone usually flocks to black and navy blue for their military look. And i NEED those over-the-knee WEDGE boots in my life. LOVE!
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  1. Sanaa Lathan always looks classy. I am drooling over Eva's boots.