Monday, October 5, 2009

Sick Site Spotlight: MyAsho.com

So I finally got around to reading this copy of Arise Magazine I snagged during Fashion Week. They were giving copies out in the lobby under the tents. Considering I'd blogged about Arise and Africa Fashion Week, you know I couldn't leave without a copy!

While flipping through the glossy pages, I stumbled upon an article about a really great new website. It's called MyAsho.com. MyAsho is actually a Nigerian online fashion emporium that premieres local African designers and makes their designs available to the global market. Asho is the Yoruba word for cloth, and Dolapo Shobanjo (the sites's creator) founded this site with the intent of giving African designers more accesibility to the world outside of Africa.

Screenshot from MyAsho.com

There's something so regal about designs straight from Africa. The rich fabrics, the cultural influence, the amazing prints; they all make each piece that much special. And now us urban fashionistas without family there can stop hounding our African friends to bring back fabric and accessories when they go home for family vacay!

Here are some of my favorites from the site:

Check out MyAsho.com for the more of the latest in African designer fashions.
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