Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Bootie Calls

One thing I know about online shopping, is that it can quickly become a guilty pleasure. Your favorite shoe stores may be physically closed at night, but when you get that midnight itch for a new pair of shoes...those online shops are always there waiting, soliciting, beckoning your fingers to click your way to shoe heaven (and sometimes debt hell). You've never felt the late night itch? Well, let me tell you, it will leave you feigning. "Bootie Calls"...that's what I call them. Nobody can resist a good pair of boots, not in the daylight and definitely not in the late night.

Well with the Fall season upon us full throttle, I've been tossing around ideas of my dream pair of boots. There are so many trends this season! How dare my bank account tell me to curb my shoe addiction...

Anyway, here are some top contenders for the lucky pair I'll be stomping the NYC pavement in:

I like these from Aldo Shoes. They're funky, they look comfy (soft canvas material) and basic enough to wear with most of my outfits. Only thing is...they're really casual. Even though I work in Soho now, can't roll up to happy hour in midtown with the girlies in these...or can I?

I like the rocker vibe these Aldo boots give off. Rocker chic is definitely "in" right now. Only problem is...they're suede. With all the rain we've been getting in the NYC lately, these might not be an everyday choice. Or am I exaggerating....decisions, decisions...

I think these might be the most practical I've seen. They're riding style, which I love, and they're a nice basic color without being just "black". Sadly, they're also the most expensive - check 'em out here Aldo

Funky! Cute! But their booties :(....I swore I wouldn't buy anymore. Should I reconsider?

And then there's good ol' faithful. The black knee-high leather boot you can wear with absolutely everything. To take risks...or to stick with the classics...this is the question.

I need your help! Vote on the sidebar on the ones you like the best. I'm indecisive :/

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