Monday, March 22, 2010

Fierce or Foolish: Mary J. Blige at Jazz in the Gardens

Took a peek over at YBF and stumbled on pics of Mary J. Blige at her Jazz in the Gardens performance in Miami, wearing an off-the-shoulder bodysuit and heels...

I dunno yall....it ain't for everybody. This might have been interesting on Rih Rih but on Mary J? And I might have even given her a free pass if she jazzed this up with banging accessories but alas..thin bangles and peep-toe heels are all we get. Hmm...

Fierce or Foolish?
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  1. Foolish, it just looks like she's trying to hard!

  2. I actually like it lol. I think she has a banging body and shows it well in this outfit. Defi risque for her, but I think she pulls it off. Now if she wasn't an entertainer, I'd give it 100% foolish lol.