Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cover Girls: Chanel Iman in Spanish Vogue

 Chanel Iman strikes again with another banging editorial spotlight! This time she glams it up for Spanish Vogue and these outfits are to DIE for. They spotlighted one outfit from each of the greatest designers of our time. What an honor! As Lyfe Jennings would say, "Must be nice..."

I love that they put her in some of the hottest spring trends of the season. Well, it's Vogue. Did we expect anything less? The Bottega Veneta jumpsuit to the left is so fun and free and I'm gagging over those Givenchy open-toe wedges to the right - one of the styles at the top of my spring shopping list.

It's the age-old rule of fashion: Once Chanel (design house, not Iman) does it, it's in! Picture to the left is proof that clogs are coming back with a vengeance. If you're a trend hopper like me, watch out! You might actually end up in a pair of these by the end of the season...go figure.

 Sequin jumpsuit. Lanvin. Say no more...*gags and passses out*

Those royal blue pants on the left look divine. Cute enough to take from day to night on the weekdays, and cool enough to run errands on the weekends; an unexpected staple piece.
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