Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick Sites Spotlight: Vogue Black & Vogue Curvy

By now you guys have probably heard about how Vogue Italia is mixing it up with new sites Vogue Black and Vogue Curvy. I have a habit of raving about the italians like I'm a native. They're such innovators and I love how they've been promoting diversity so fervently in recent years - first with the release of the first all-black issue of Italian Vogue, then last summer with the release of the Black Barbie Isssue (yes, my copy is still shrink-wrapped). Well now, they're pushing it to the limit with new sites Vogue Black & Curvy. Take a second to click through the site - they have some amazing features and of course I'm in love with the images. 

 With this and the my lovely Italian friends over at Lost In Fashion giving me some shine on TV, I fall deeper in love with them everyday...
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