Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monif C. Celebrates 5 Years of Style, Curves & Sex Appeal

Last night at Bo Concept in midtown NYC, Monif C Plus Sizes celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their premium plus size fashion label .Premiering her holiday line, Monif C filled the windows of the chic upscale furniture store with curvy models adorning her latest designs. Aside from the notable VIPs, delectable hors d'oeuvres (yes curvy girls like to eat), fruity cocktails and amazing event sponsors like Carol's Daughter, the overall energy at the event was unmatched. It was truly a celebration of plus size proportions, in more ways than one. Here's what I got into...

Pictured with founder, Monif C.
The party was on once founder Monif C. arrived on the scene. She had enough energy and spunk to fill up the entire room. What a pleasure it was to finally meet the diva behind the designs! By the way, my floral F21 pumps were a big hit last night! People literally chased me down to compliment me!

(Outfit Above) Leather jacket - Vintage, Top - H&M, Boyfriend Jeans - Vintage, Pumps - Forever 21, Jesus Piece - Forever 21, Ring - Street vendor HERE 

Models wearing the "Marilyn" convertible dress
The models at the Monif C 5 Year anniversary were as much entertainment as they were mannequins. These ladies had so much energy and were delightful to snap photos of. I can't tell you how hilarious it was watching men blush as they passed by the seductive models posing in the window. Models pictured above are sporting Monif C's renowned "Marilyn" convertible dress. The ways you can tie this dress are really infinite. Love it!

Pictured with Lisa Price, Founder, Carol's Daughter
I was so absolutely honored to finally meet Lisa Price, the entrepreneur behind Carol's Daughter, face to face. This woman is absolutely one of my inspirations. She was my first ever celebrity interviewee. I did a phone interview with her during my sophomore year in college for a small independent magazine on campus I ended up being co-editor for; Little Black Book. Wow, never thought I'd see the day...

Pictured with Gabi Gregg, Young, Fat & Fabulous
I also bumped into the lovely and always-fab Gabi Gregg of YoungFatandFabulous.com; also the newly crowned MTV Twitter Jockey. Had a great time chatting with her about life in Harlem (she just moved up here) and her new experience as MTV's TJ. Make sure you guys keep up with her on Twitter.

Overall, great time at the Monif C. 5 Year Anniversary. I wish her many more!
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  1. URGH! I am SO upset I missed this event! Looks like you have tons of fun.

  2. Hmm the girls look gorgeous and the fact that they are plus size. That lady in red looks just amazing.

  3. Fun Times:-) Looks like you had a blast!

  4. ok, I am so happy to have found your blog!! *fist pump for twitter* lol the event looks like it was lots of fun. the ladies look fab & yes! your shoes are so hot