Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fresh Printsess

This season, for me, is all about being fearless. I'm loving how the trends are a giant mashup of contradictions. Minimalism and animal print, military and ladylike, and the list goes on... 

 I think the greatest thing about fashion is that it doesn't have to make sense. You do what you want with it and at the end of the season, move on to the next... 

 I've been super obsessed with Willow Smith's girl empowerment anthem "Whip My Hair" of late. I love the message, I love the video, and I love that she's only 9 years old! I read a few articles about her after the video's premiere yesterday and writers have officially dubbed her "The Fresh Princess" after her super-star daddy Will Smith. 

 Well, yesterday (in honor of my Willow obsession) I decided to dub myself the Fresh 'Prints'ess. Why? Because it sounds cool. And prints are my official obsession this season...

Leopard Wrap Dress (turned cape): Thrifted. Mesh Top: H&M. Skirt: H&M. Rope Tassel Chain: Thrifted. Suede Boots: Anne Michelle. Belt: Thrifted. Ring: Street Vendor (HERE)

- Photography by Tia Hendricks

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  1. beautiful, really amazing! I've set myself up for the same thing, fearless!

  2. Super cute outfit! I am loving Willow too, she's going to be here for a while.


  3. HOTNESS!!! Love everything about the look and love Willow...you look awesome!

  4. oh and I'm really happy for u :) the blog is really taking off and I know there's more success in store for you...I love everything about you and you inspire me (in fashion and in life)!

  5. Nice shoes! I love it! I follow u . xoxo


  6. Love the outfit girl! You look so good!


  7. That jacket is fab! love it. love the hair too!

  8. You look absolutely amazing. I love this outfit and that jacket is amazing literally.

  9. You are looking so fab in this pic. I first started visiting your blog earlier this year and since then you look like you've lost a few, and working the hell out of the new curves. Watch out world! She's coming through.

    PS: Willow is the business! What more could we expect coming from Will & Jada. It's in her genes.


  10. Ahhh yes!! More thrifted items from CeCe. Keep em comming girl!!