Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pink Velvet Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Pink Velvet Designs has teamed up with LoveBrownSugar.com to offer an exclusive giveaway just for you! The lovely designer behind Pink Velvet has designed the specialty chain link charm bracelet pictured below, with 20% of proceeds of each sale going to Breast Cancer research...

Pink Velvet for a Pink Cause Charm Bracelets, $25-$30.
 The design features chain links in GOLD or SILVER with pink interlocking ribbon and the Breast Cancer Awareness charm. 

 The single chain link retails at only $25.00 and the double chain link is $30.00. 

 Check out the Pink Velvet Designs website for further details and to purchase and support the cause!

In addition to one lovely reader winning this exclusive designed charm bracelet, LoveBrownSugar is kicking off a special #FollowForCharity promotion via Twitter. For each new Twitter follower @LoveBrownSugar
acquires between today and Friday, October 15th at 9pm, we'll be DONATING $1 TOWARDS BREAST CANCER RESEARCH!

1. Comment below with the following: Why is Breast Cancer Awareness important to you?
2. Follow @LoveBrownSugar on Twitter and RT my #followforcharity tweets.

NOTE: You don't HAVE to be on Twitter to participate! Just make sure you comment below, and tell your friends via Facebook or Email about the promotion! The more followers I get, the more I'll donate. Results will be announced on Monday, October 18th. Happy BCA Month!
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  1. its important because any health awareness is important. I've had a family friend be affected with breast cancer and it changed her life, but thankfully she's still alive and strong. We need cures for these ailments so that our daughters won't be affected with the same issues

    i follow as well on twitter

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness is important to me because
    my mother is a 25 yr. survivor of breast cancer. She found the lump herself. This is why early detection is key and self exams are so important!

  3. following you on twitter & retweeting:

  4. Breast Cancer Awareness is important to me because It's something that affects EVERYONE. With education early prevention is possible. It not only affects the men/women who have the cancer (Yes, men get it too!)but, it affects their whole family. It's not just about preventing the cancer, it's also about teaching those who actually have it what to expect & how to adjust after the fact. It educates their families on the hardship of it, how it takes a toll on the body & how your relationship may change.
    My Son's Grandmother is a "Breast Cancer Survivor", she is elderly, with a touch of Alzheimer's. She didn't remember she had a mastectomy but, everyday when she has to open her shirt to bathe she see's it's effect. Everyday she cries & the shock of it for her is what gave me awareness. I saw all of this through her eyes.
    *Sorry for this being so long.

  5. really beautiful i completely agree with the above commenter ^^ she said it perfectly

    loving your blog :)


  6. I agree with everyone. Breast Cancer Awareness is important because it can affect anyone. I know someone who recently had to have surgery to remmove her breasts because she was not aware of the dangers of breast cancer. She is fairly young (37) and this was a devastating blow to her confidence.
    Seeing the affects that breast cancer first hand is extremely emotional. You never think something like that can happen to you or a family member but it can.
    Women need to know how important it is to go for chec ups and staying intune with their bodies because we only get one.

    Check out my blog! Feel free to comment!

  7. Breast Cancer awareness is important to me because it's the disease that took my grandmother.

    Whether we're 20 or 80, women can be proactive by getting mammograms or doing self checks.

  8. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Over the course of a woman's life, she has a 1 in 8 chance of getting the disease. Getting the word out means women can understand they can take control of their lives. Being praoctive is important and very necessary for diagnosis and treatment.

  9. Breast Cancer is important to me because I have a friend whose sister died from breast cancer and also because I think it is important. So many women die just from not checking and I support Breast cancer awareness because one life saved is a great thing. Just one can save another and on and on until it is completely eradicated. The more aware people are the more equipped we are to fight it. And plus let's face it we all love our boobies, so let's fight to keep them healthy. :)

  10. I've seen a few people do this so far, Kudos to you the bracelet is very pretty also.

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  11. Why is Breast Cancer Awareness important to you? First of all Breast Cancer hit me on a personal level- my aunt had it and now she a 6 year survivor. I feel awareness is important so it can help with prevention in early detection and self breast exams. The more aware we are as women the better chance a cure can be found. I love my aunt and all survivors in this fight for a cure.

  12. I lost my husband last year. If only we could diagnose it earlier, he may have been with me today.

  13. Indeed the awareness regarding breast cancer is quiet important i all women as this may harm their life to certain level. Thanks a ton for sharing such awareness message. Thumbs up you are doing the best job especially for women.

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