Thursday, October 7, 2010

LoveBrownSugar's Guide to Thrifting Trends

 I'm sure you fashion lovers have already done your fair share of research regarding this season's hottest trends. From military chic to capes & ponchos down to mininalism, there's a trend to fit every personality this season. What I personally won't do is flock to the luxury department stores and load up on all these trends because 1) they might not be in style next season and 2) I want my pieces to be unique. This is where a good trip to your local thrift comes in handy! The pieces I get complimented most for are inevitably my vintage pieces, so I decided to compile my first Guide to Thrifting Trends. Shopping your local thrift can be intimidating but these tips should help you get a jump start in the right direction:


Authentic Army Jacket, Thrifted
 Tip: No one army jacket is totally like another. Look for military pieces with unique detailing. Patches and buttons are a plus. Check closely for wear and tear around the sleeves, and for missing buttons or broken zippers. Check your local thrift shop or even army surplus stores for interesting options. And remember, don't leave home without trying these on!


Leopard Wrap Dress, Thrifted
 Tip: Know what you're looking for. Animal print is a fairly easy trend to scour for at the thrift because the prints are so iconic, they ultimately stand out. If it's a blouse you seek, go to that particular section and only pick out options with recognizable animal print. Look for silhouettes that are versatile for the most wearability. Wrap dresses like the one above can easily be worn open for a loose, coverup feel. Major things to look out for: quality material. With vintage, stray away from cheap materials. You want something that will hold up to wear and tear. Especially with iconic prints, check for fading and excessive pulling of fabric.


Silk Button-Down Blouse, Thrifted
 Arguably the most fun trend to shop thrift! When it boils down to it, our predecessors were very ladylike, so there are tons of cool feminine pieces to play dress up in at the thrift. Tip: Tailoring is everything. There some amazing tweed suits, and blouses at the thirft but if they don't fit ust right, they'll look frumpy. Super important to try these on in store. Found this top that puts me in the mind of Chanel. Great material, romantic print and cute gold buttons. Ruffles and prints can be fun, but wear in moderation and pair with more updated basic classics for a well-rounded look.


Don't be afraid to check the men's section ladies! Some of my favorite pieces have been picked up in that section. For curvy girls especially, you can find some pieces in the men's section thst give you just enough room for the baggy menswear effect without swallowing you up or making you look like you have no shape. Tricks of the menswear trade: scrunch, pull, tug, roll up! I easily transformed this flannel shirt from frumpy to fab just by rolling up the sleeves...

 Also important for meswear - mixing proportions. I would never wear two menswear-inspired pieces together. If I rock an oversized oxford, I'll wear skinny jeans or a mini skirt down below. If I wear boyfriend jeans, I rock a tighter silhouette up top. Balance and proportions are the way to go with menswear. Best menswear items to score thrft: Boyfriend blazers, plaid flannel shirts, and jeans!

Happy thrifting! LBS wants to know - what are your top thrifting tips? Post them below...

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  1. love the cardigan. woulda loved it more if it was a jacket! its a banging design


  2. such a great post! I really got into thrift shopping this year and get so excited when I find a great piece!! i scored some great vintage jewelry...post to come soon.

  3. Great tips-I must visit a thrift store soon!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more! Thrifting for trends just makes sense!

    Great tips!

  5. I got my military jacket (Vietnam replica) off thrift shop at a super budget price - $3, will share photo on my blog soon.

  6. @Shebelle Whoa!! You beat me lol. Mine was $5.99. Can't wait to see your pics ;)

  7. Love these tips and that blouse is hot to death.

  8. haha I think I got the same checked shirt. it's nice right, and comfy haha. Military is dope!

  9. oh my. that leopard dress is a stunner!!!! it's definitely for keeps! amazing buy!


  10. Great tips!
    I still can't believe you got that military jacket for such an affordable price! Great find.

    Jose C.


  11. Ugh... i SUCK at thrifting... I never see anything that is cute or vintagey... Then usually i find them over priced... Maybe i'm going to the wroong stores...

    Check out my blog! Feel free to comment!

  12. new here, you are so cute and I love your bangs and cute banner.
    Right now my fav. thrifting trend is 20s style stuff.

  13. Happy to run across any bloggers with great thrifting advice. It's become a new addiction for me. I've only been doing it a few months but within that short time, I'm at somebody's thrift shop at least once to twice a week. Great advice and I love the military jacket!


  14. Thrifted flannel is the best kind, so warm and cozy! I would add, as a thrift tip, go when you won't be pressed for time. I find the best things when I have loads of time to just wander around the store.

  15. completely agree with you. I thrift especially when I'm eager to satisfy the urge to try a new fashion trend. That way I don't have to bother worrying if I'll like that $100-200 piece 2 years later... :)


  16. Love the leopard wrap dress, thrifting is great, you can find the greatest things for so little. I did a post on thrifting (a guide to thrifting in general) earlier this week too!


    ~Em K

  17. Awesome finds! I've never been good at thrifting...always in too much of a hurry! But your tips have inspired me to try again :)

  18. I like this! I do the same thing, I only spend money on pices that once has fadded I will still rock them or revamp them!

    I found you on IFB and I'm following. Come and check out my blog.

    Vogue & Vintage


  19. Great tips. I like to thrift/charity shop. I usually go for fitted dresses, vintage coats and a line skirt, stuff that is time less I think.

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  20. Just discovered your blog and I Love this post!! Nothing feels better than a trendy thrift find. In fact, I just did a post all about the "Ladylike" look. Check out my blog www.stylespotrun.com.

    You've got yourself a new follower, that's for sure.

  21. I find that people who love fashion and thrift shop are usually so much more creative for it, and that makes their outfits more interesting. To me, anyway. And they definitely look unique.

  22. This post makes me want to go thrift store shopping right away. So many amazing tips. Thanks.