Monday, March 28, 2011

Grand Opening: SHOP LoveBrownSugar

 So by now you guys know that I absolutely love the cyclical nature of fashion. I’m a self-proclaimed vintage addict and I’m not ashamed. Considering I can't seem to do an outfit post without having one item of vintage in the mix, it's pretty obvious I'm obsessed.

Two questions I get very often about my thrifting adventures are “How do you pick such great items?!” and “Next time you go, can you find something for me?” Well, I’ve listened to your questions and I finally have an answer! Welcome SHOP LoveBrownSugar.

 Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning (July 2009) know that I used to have an online Etsy store with all my vintage collectibles available for purchase. I’ve decided to relaunch my vintage store but this time with a different concept.

 SHOP LoveBrownSugar will be an extension of my overflowing vintage “closet”. Not items I’ve ever worn, but items I’ve sifted through vintage racks for, and have fallen in love with. All the items will be in good condition and reasonably priced! The only catch? At this boutique, the items you see will only be on SALE for 10 days after which they will go back into the vintage vault. Each week or so I’ll be featuring a new themed trend. All the items in the shop during that particular week will be under the chosen theme. Once the week is over, that themed shop is closed, the items are cleared out of the store and it’s on to the next! My items will be curvy-girl-friendly (as the curvy silhouette is my expertise) but I will try my best to find items for everyone from XS-XL.

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  1. I just purchased the Pink Citron skirt - I can't wait to receive it. Looking forward to future purchases :-)

  2. Congratulations on starting your store! I'll keep my eye out for good finds :)


  3. Get 'em C! I'm gonna buy some duds!

  4. that's SO cool! looking forward to things that you'll post for sale :D


  5. LOVE this idea! We might need to team up one time.