Friday, March 4, 2011

The PJ Chronicles: Huetiful Steamer Review

Hey product junkies! So the lovely people over at Huetiful were nice enough to gift me a Huetiful Steamer to try out and review for you guys. As you may now I chopped off my permed locks in November of last year and ever since I've been growing out my naturally kinky-curly hair.

The curls circa November 2010
Just an FYI, the big bouncy curls you may have seen me trotting around town in recently aren't all mine! After going the first few months of winter as a natural, I experienced lots of breakage and damage to my ends due to dry harsh weather, cold winds, snow, you name it! So I figured until the weather warms up, I would rock out with a natural style that protects my strands. Hence, the wig. I named her Shirley. 

 Hopefully with the help of amazing products like this Huetiful Steamer, my natural curls will be making a re-debut come springtime. So here goes my review!

Here's a brief description of the productHuetiful Hair Steamer is specifically designed for the unique needs of curly and wavy hair, restoring moisture 5x better than deep conditioners alone, opening up the cuticles of your hair to allow any conditioner you choose to penetrate better and work more effectively, bathing your hair with warm ozone enriched mist to replenish moisture lost from chemical treatments, and reducing breakage and split ends caused by dry hair.

1. Pre-Poo Treatment + Heutiful Intro. I always start off my shampoo regimen with what's called a "pre-poo" treatment. It's basically just an extra step in the process that preps my hair for shampooing. Since shampoo naturally dries out my super curly hair, I actually have to ADD moisture to it with oil and conditioner and let it soak for an hour. Here's Part 1 of the Huetiful Review:

 2. Huetiful Products

Huetiful was nice enough to send me a few hair products to review along with the steamer. The first is the Huetiful Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo and the second is the Huetiful Intense Hydrating Hair Masque. After using the hair masque I can definitely say it was intense. My hair soaked it up mimmediately, which was great and it left my scalp very refreshed. It has pepperming oil in it, so it's very cooling. In Part 2 of the Huetiful Review I list out some of the ingredients and descriptions for both products:

3. The Steamer at Work. Once I rinsed out the pre-poo treatment and finished working shampoo through my hair, it was time to get the steamer going. In Part 3 of the Huetiful Steamer review I show you how it actually functions:

4. Overall Review.

My hair, after steaming, rinsing and air drying
 I would have to say, after using the Huetiful Steamer only once, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. My strands were definitely more moisturized than when I deep condition sans heat or steam. Also, my hair was much easier to work with in terms of detangling. Normally I have major issues with detangling during the post-shampoo phase. But after using the Huetiful Steamer, detangling was a breeze!

Afro puff (same day)
 I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who has issues with keeping their hair moisturized - whether curly or straight. It provides the intensity of a deep conditioning treatment without drying heat and it really opens up the hair shaft for maximum conditioning. 

Anyone else tried the Huetiful Steamer or thinking about it? Soundoff below!

For more information check out the Be Huetiful website. You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter @huetiful.
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  1. I've never really had a problem with moisture in my hair. (I have straight, Asian hair.) In fact, if anything, my hair has been oily, but as I get older, I feel my hair getting dryer, and I'm finding myself investing in my quality hair products to combat the dryness.

  2. I have that problem. My hair is Sooooo annoying but I keep it natural because perms tear up my scalp. I never get them done enough so i end up with like 3 month of new growth since i do a weave. i think i want to try this though once my natural hair grows out a little longer. I have the tiniest curls ever.

  3. Awesome review! Loved the videos. Looks like I need to get one of these soon :)

  4. I have serious hair envy. Your hair looks wonderful. I have such fine hair. I have yet to wear my natural hair out because it doesn't look well...like yours Cece! I wonder what it would do to my hair.

  5. Great review, I'm looking forward to trying a Heutiful or actually being gifted with one as well. For a while my sorority sisters have had nothing but good things to say about the effects of having their hair steamed. @herCatwalk, have you ever tried Rehab by Lush. the products in there will help combat the dryness without weighing your hair down or leaving it greasy.

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  7. lol @Shirley, I call my wig "my hat" because it keeps my ears warm! Did you name her Shirley because you look like the actress from the tv show Community??? That's the first thing that I thought, that you look like her with that hair.

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