Monday, June 6, 2011

Cover Girls: Jada Pinkett-Smith for UPTOWN Magazine

Those of you who are old school fans of Jada Pinkett back when she was Lena on "A Different World" can sympathize with me on this. I can only dream of looking this fabulous at her age. UPTOWN Magazine released an exclusive cover story with the super mom. Her family is practically entertainment royalty at this point. Gotta love it!

In her interview with UPTOWN, she discusses her decision to wrap up her music career and focus on the careers of her kids:

“I miss [my music career] tremendously, but it’s one of those things that I wear with a badge of honor because it expresses what I prioritize, and that’s my family.”
She also addresses the rumors about her & Will Smith being "stage parents" with Willow & Jaden.

“There are so many other kids you can worry about. My kids? They’re going to be all right. I get why people would criticize. But people need to know that Will and I would never put our children in a situation that would bring them detriment,”
Check out the full story at UPTOWN Magazine

*EXTRA: Get the beauty looks Jada is rocking in this shoot! Check out UPTOWN's behind-the-scenes chat with the stylists.
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  1. Jada never fails when she's striking a pose behind the camera. Sooo looking forward to HawthoRNe on the 15th. I really don't care how she parents her kids since they aren't mine *shrugs*.

  2. Stunning. And is it just me or does Jada never age?

  3. Jada is amazing! Always picture ready!