Monday, June 27, 2011

LBS Fashion Countdown: BET Awards 2011

You guys know the drill! Here are my Top 10 Best and Worst of the BET Awards 2011 red carpet. Feel free to chime in with your commentary. This year's fashions were...interesting to say the least. There were prom queens and club-hopping train wrecks galore. As well as a few understated gems. Take a look!

 10. Best - Keke Palmer

I love how Keke Palmer always dresses so chic yet still appropriate for her age. Love this form fitting glitter dress on Keke. She always looks amazing on the red carpet!

9. Worst - Meagan Good

Meagan looks like she's on the way to her prom. I say if you're going to do "prom-like" dress, at least add some color. BET Awards is the one awards venue when celebs can get fun & funky. This dress is a yawn, and inappropriate for the occasion.

8. Best - Lala Vazquez

Everyone raved about Lala's Tom Ford dress. I think it fit her well, and she did the trend right by going with understated hair & makeup so the dress could truly shine. Well done!

7. Worst - Keri Hilson

Normally I'm in Keri's corner, but this look was just a yawn for me. It's very...basic. And something just seems a bit off to me. I can't put my finger on it but I wasn't loving this look.

6. Best - Eve

Eve always manages to dress so well for her toned body. This ensemble proves it. It has her edgy appeal female MC appeal with fashion still at the forefront. And the hair was well executed. Alicia Keys' camp could take a few lessons. This is how you do a fishtail pony. Keep it neat!

5. Worst - Nicki Minaj

Now we all can expect Nicki Minaj to push the envelope when it comes to red carpet fashion. But this look is well...underwhelming. The pink of this dress is way too dull, and the tights underneath were unnecessary. I was hoping to see something more vibrant from Nicki on the red carpet.

4. Best - Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland was the belle of the ball at last night's BET Awards. She executed this hot pink Marchesa look flawlessly. The color looks amazing on her complexion and the silhouette fits her to a tee.

3. Worst - Ashanti

Ashanti is another one who went to prom last night. Unlike Meagan Good, she actually had some color in her ensemble. This whole look just makes me sad. Lawd why? Shorten this dress and get rid of that horrible embroidery.

2. Best - Kerry Washington

This Kerry knows how to rock the carpet right. I absolutely loved this canary yellow dress. The color compliments her skin so well. And the color/fabric combination make it an understated and appropriate dress despite the length. This was a classic example of dressing "up" without being OVER-dressed. Well done Kerry!

1. Worst - Teairra Mari

What in the hot hell? Whoever approved this ensemble needs to be fired. No ma'am! The lace! The color! The lacefront wig! All kinds of wrong.

What's your verdict? Did I miss anyone? Soundoff below!
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  1. What in the hot hell??? LOLOLOLOLOL
    The prom dresses were out in full form last night, TERRIBLE! I'm surprised Kevin Hart didn't call them out.

  2. nice countdown. i kinda like Teairra Mari's but ima dude :)

  3. Hahahahah omggg the last pic took me over the edge! I actually instantly forgot about all the others and was just SHOCKED upon this last one. Teairra Marie FAIL. Her whole team FAIL, and her stylist? You're right, def should be fired. Ugh those shoes.. Disaster.

    Kerry Washington & Kelly kilt it!! :)



  4. @zillz No judgement! Lol her outfit is a man's dream and a female's nightmare O_o

  5. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHAH (what in the hot hell!)

    Love your bests!

    Kerry Washington is always fab!

  6. Ummph...gurlll! As gorgeous as she is, Nicki always ALWAYS always looks a like a HAM! I'm so disappointed with Meagan Goode because she usually brings it and Tierra Marie looks like a $2 hoar (sorry). Kelly looks amazing and I actually thought that Keri looked cute-typical but cute-until I saw the shoes! WTH?


  7. Loved Kerry Washington in that Yellow! Hot! and Keke! Too Cute!

  8. lol lol lol I absolutely agree with everything in this post. Kerry looks amazing in that yellow dress! And Eve's hair is gorgeous, love that girl.

  9. I loved E-V-E look! The fish tail pony is fab!