Thursday, June 30, 2011

LoveBrownSugar Turns Two!

Today, LoveBrownSugar is 2 years old! Words cannot express how appreciative I am for all your support. You guys - my readers, friends and extended family, mean more to me than anything. On this day, two years ago, LoveBrownSugar.com was born.

You guys remember this? The ORIGINAL header for LoveBrownSugar
 It started out as just a small place for me to muse about fashion, beauty, celebrities and live events. Since then, it has grown to become an outlet not just for myself but for all of you to voice your opinions, agree and/or disagree with me about celebrity looks and follow my journey in life from going natural...

to going on vacay, to going crazy in the fitting room

 I absolutely love you all and LoveBrownSugar.com would be nowhere if it wasn't for you. In celebration of this milestone, I'll be hosting a fab 2 Year Anniversary event next Wednesday, July 6th. More details on the event coming soon, but if you're in the NYC area (or if you will be next week), save the date!

In celebration, I'd love for you guys to comment with either a) your favorite post or b) your favorite thing about LoveBrownSugar.  

I want to keep serving up content that you guys love, so tell me what I'm doing right. You can also tweet me @LoveBrownSugar with hashtag #LBS2Year or leave a comment on the Facebook page!
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  1. Congrats Christina! So proud.

  2. Owwww! Congrats! I really love your fitting room pics. Sneaky and cute. LOL. Keep doing what you're doing booga!

  3. Congratulations girl! Love Fierce or Foolish, product reviews & award show fashion reviews...keep um coming!

  4. Congrats Doll!!! Love the blog, keep doing what you do :)


  5. Love the great energy of your posts...keep risin' to the top :)


  6. Yes I remember that original header! haha flashbacks :p CONGRATS- hope to see ya at your party!

  7. Yaaaaay!! Happy blogaversary!

  8. I love your blog and the reason behind your blog. People don't always get the need for black focused outlets but with all of the negativity about us that seems to be goign around they have to understand how much we appreciate someone holding us up as beautiful. Thanks!

  9. CONGRATS, CB!!!!! So super proud of you!! Can't wait to celebrate!

  10. Happy 2nd Birthday, LoveBrownSugar!