Monday, July 11, 2011

Cover Girls: Jennifer Hudson for Daily Mail UK

The lovely and newly-svelte Jennifer Hudson posed for Daily Mail in the UK recently and had a few things to say about her career, her family and discrimination against plus-sized women in the entertainment industry. I found this particular tidbit of her interview interesting:

On if the industry discriminates againt plus-sized women:
‘No, because I was doing OK before,’ Jennifer says. ‘But the truth is, so many more opportunities open up when you’re on the other side, as I am now. I’d no idea what I was missing out on. It’s like a whole other world. Suddenly every designer wants to dress you. It’s like, “You look amazing! Please, choose a dress. Have a bag. And what about shoes?” I mean, wow!’

Like I mentioned when she was placed on People's Most Beautiful list, I find it a little unsettling that she had to drop weight to suddenly become the center of attention. I think she was beautiful then, and still beautiful now. It's an issue I first addressed in my "Do Skinny Girls Have More Fun" piece but I think it definitely merits evaluation. Does it send the wrong message to curvy girls when celebs like this drastically change size and suddenly get more press?

Aside from the plus-sized issue, these pics are fab! Check out the rest of her Q&A over at TheYBF.
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  1. Unfortunately weight loss says a lot about a person overall that people don't think about. It shows that you are discipline, it shows that maybe you care a little more about your health in the long run, it shows a lot to certain people.

    as a plus sized women i have a host of health issues because of my weight. If i worked harder I would be void of a ton of these things. at 25, being on medication and stuff, I think being smaller would be great just because my life is now controlled by the medications, and I can't eat certain things, my skin is all crazy, I sweat a ton now, I'm wheezing when i go up the steps...one flight of steps in my house. I get the "oh you're young" " you have a pretty face" " or my favorite "you're not that big" lol i'm still a hot mess in the health department, and considered obese and showing all signs of someone that is over 300 lbs.

    I think you can have fun with curves, but as long as they are healthy curves, but I totally understand where Jen is coming from. It's fun to walk into a store and be able to grab something. Part of the fun of me shopping is being able to walk in any store and say, oh i love that dress. I can't do that at this size and it really does suck. The hassle of having to buy online, following those stupid size charts and then either having my stuff not fit well, or it doesn't fit at all. Does that makes sense? Only having a few choices when it comes to shopping online, and most of the time it's overseas.

    i don't think it sends the wrong message. I think that if one is happy being bigger, or curvy then move power to you, but as for Jen, she is having the time of her life, and observing how she is treated, but it's true in a ton of cases most people that have drastic weight changes get a ton of attention I just think that Jen is getting so attention because she is keeping it off, and she is selling a healthy way to get in shape, not to mention I still think ppl feel bad for what happened to her family and see this as someone who overcame huge obstacles to get to this point.

  2. @Michelle.. I am sorry that you are having health issues right now. kudos to you for taking care of you now :). I feel that the issue with Jennifer Hudson right now is not that she is having the time of her life but the message she is sending to young women and women. She was a plus size advocate when she was big, now she has turned on plus size women. I say this because her FIRST weight watchers commercial, she made a comment along the lines of "I love me more now that I am this size". So is she saying that she did not love herself when she was plus size? OR is it that she is now loving herself more because she has a bigger following and is making more money. Not hating or mad that she is making money, I want her to make money but I also want her to remember who she has looking up to her. A lot of people may say that we need to mind our own business or that we are reading too much into her life, but when the message starts to affect young women we have to step in and speak up

  3. She looks absolutely fantastic! :)

  4. I personally feel that she loks good either way HOWEVER I do agree with @Javania. I consider myself to be a plus size teen since i do wear juniors plus and a dress size 12/14. I battled many issues with my weight. I lost about 15-20 pounds to be healthier WHILE still remaining to be curvy. I was in 8th grade at the time and considered Jennifer Hudson as one of my role models because she was making it in the industry as a plus size woman. Honestly, when I first saw the weight watchers commercial I was shocked because all I could think was if this was three years ago, I'd be feeling so bad about my body. I understand that she can make her own decisons but to follow on what @Javanna said, when you are a role model to young girls you have to take it into account too. I know many people might disagree with me but that's just how I feel. And I do feel that she will of course get more perks as a celebrity now that she has lost all this weight as it has happened for many other celebrities. I just hope she remembers that there are [curvy] girls with impressionable minds looking up to her

  5. I am not in America, so I can't say how Jennifer or any other celebrity impact is. But the way I see it, is that media/society/government also have a responsibility here. It saddens me that all magazines focus on is her body/ her size. Isn't that the case with so many other women losing/gaining weight? I myself, have learned to see myself more than just my body: curves/no curves/fat/ no fat whatever. As a woman you have more to offer than just your outer beauty. You have intelligence and talents. How is it we forget that? I think that is the main message to young women. Basically your body is your car: it gets you from A to Z. And every model is a model. Hélas, magazines/fashion industry keep labeling and telling what is hot or not. I say: stop the labeling and be the unique you, you were meant to be.

  6. Javania Webb I feel what you saying, but at the same time she is having the time of her life, because truth is, when you lose a ton of weight are are rewarding your body, you are loving yourself. I mean this in like " the safest way" we know that being skinny doesn't mean healthy, but she got slim by eating right, and working out which is the right way, and you body is always thankful. I don't think that her saying she loves herself more means that she didn't love herself as a bigger person. I think ....this is just me but i think that loving yourself enough to say, you know what i'm out of shape, i'm gaining, my health is important especially in the long run is loving yourself. My grandfather would always says Michelle I love you so much, and I don't want you being like this, this isn't good for you. i would say "okay" get upset, and then go. Now he was right, all of it caught up with me all because i didn't have the love for my own well being to lose! to stop playing around. i think if anything it sends a message to say, love yourself, and loose weight for the right reasons, and in a safe manner.