Monday, July 25, 2011

LoveBrownSugar Picks: Summer Reading List

One tidbit about me you may not know: although fashion & beauty are my pride & joy, reading is really my first love. I can remember being in preschool and my mom nearly taking me out of my then-preschool, because I went home crying one day that my teacher took my Dr. Seuss books from me and gave me toys instead. Books were my everything.

Anyway, despite my passion for reading, I often get so bogged down with my work responsibilities & social life, that I don't leave enough time to feed my mind with literary works. When I do find the time, I really delve deep. Here are a few pieces in different categories I've enjoyed flipping through this summer. Whether you're into beauty how-to, self-help or relationships, there's something for everyone in my list...

Nutrition: The Beauty Detox Solution

If you're serious about having more energy and completely turning around your skin, hair and body I would recommend The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. Inside she explains the importance of fresh produce, eating lighter meals earlier in the day in order to improve overall digestion, and the keys to beauty by healthy living. This book was eye-opening. Though the full detox may be overwhelming, the reward is major and Kim includes helpful tips for beginners along the way, on how to ease into the program.

Beauty: The Curly Girl Handbook

If you're a naturally curly-headed gal like myself, you probably already know how unruly and complicated it can be to properly care for your hair and style it so that it looks its best. Enter the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. Written by the salon owner of curly specialist salon Devachan, this book reveals in a step by step format the best way to care for your hair, based on your hair type, length and texture. Definitely a must-read for new naturals.

Love/Relationships: A Belle in Brooklyn

If you've checked out relationships blog A Belle in Brooklyn, you already know Essence editor and blogger Demetria Lucas serves up raw, humorous yet matter-of-fact anecdotes and opinionated articles on the plight of the young single black female. I've always been intrigued by her blog posts, but her book is a double dose of Demetria. Written in her unique voice and formatted as a relationships guide with a memoir touch, Lucas truly dishes out real advice on living your best single life, one personal story at a time. Every woman, who's ever been single at some point in life, can relate to it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll conquer with this book.

Fashion: Secrets of Stylists

More than just a coffee table fashion book, Sacha Charnin's Secrets of Stylists puts me in the mind of a juicy tell-all with Louboutins at the center of the controversy. No seriously, this book is a must-have for anyone aspiring to work in the styling industry or anyone with a general appreciation for the folks behind the curtains, cameras and red carpets who are putting in long hours and sleepless nights to give us something beautiful to look at each day. From style legends like Rachel Zoe and June Ambrose to newbies-come-household names like Mariel Haenn, Secrets of Stylists gives an intimate peek into the lives of these glamorized figures. Turns out it's not always so glamorous. Who knew?

Motivation: No Matter What: 9 Steps To Living The Life You Love

Ever hear a story that was so touching, so moving and so inspirational that you couldn't help but be productive and start living life in a new way because of it? Though it doesn't happen often, there are a few pivotal "Aha!" moments that leave you refreshed with a new take on life. Lisa Nichols' memoir & self help book No Matter What gives you that feeling page after page. Telling her life's trials via triumph-over-tribulation anecdotes, Lisa Nichols pioneers the concept of engaging the reader in a "sister girl" tone with a refreshing point of view that almost every reader can relate to. My life has truly been changed after reading this book. Definitely one of my new faves.

What about you guys? What are your favorite summer reads? Comment below!
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  1. Ok I already have a million and one books on my nightstand left to finish! I already read ABIB and I loved it! finished it in 2 days. I'm gonna check out a few you listed here especially the Beauty Detox Solution. Thanks for the rec

  2. I am stuck on the first few pages of ABIB's book but I think I may have to grab Secrets of Stylists.. sounds interesting! THANKS!!


  3. I LOVE The Beauty Detox by Kim!!! Reading it for the second time! I highly recommend reading "The Tightly Curly Method" by Teri LaFlesh if you like "Curly Girl!"