Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fierce or Foolish: Jill Marie Jones at Dinner Party

Jill Marie-Jones of Girlfriends fame was spotted partying up in West Hollywood at a self-hosted dinner party last night. She rocked out in a mesh front mini dress, belted at the waist with leopard print peeptoe pumps.
First off, she looks amazing. Clearly, I need to know who her trainer is. Second, though I'm over this American Apparel mesh look, she managed to make it fresh with her accessories.

Also in love with her beauty look. What do you all think? 

Fierce or foolish? Soundoff below!

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  1. Ugh this is so fierce I can't stand to look at it..I love her hair!

  2. Personally, I wouldn't wear it, but she looks absolutely fabulous and pulls it off in a way I never could. I love her lipstick too!


  3. I like the mesh look, but i know what top you are talking about, thats thing has been floating around for like 3 years, and everybody had it and not to many people can pull it off to me. I think she looks fierce though.

  4. I think she looks great. And I'm loving her lip color too!

  5. I love almost everything. The belt doesn't really go in my opinion, but shoot if I had her body I would go outside with a tutu and have not a care in the world!!

  6. she needs a bra!

  7. Fierce! But anything Jill Marie is Fierce to me.. #Stan