Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cover Girls: Kelly Rowland for VIBE Magazine

Kelly Rowland bares all on the cover of the latest VIBE August/September 2011 issue. In the Juice issue, Kelly dishes on her new album in stores now entitled Here I Am, and her sexier side. Here's a snippet of what she told VIBE:

Speaking of this road we’re going on… Let’s talk about the song “Motivation.” I have to admit, the song went completely over my head. I thought you were talking about working out.
[Laughs] No, honey.

When you heard the song, did you think, This may be too racy for my image?
Not at all. Every woman knows what that feels like—hopefully. But everyone doesn’t expect Kelly to sing about it. This is true. But I just loved the song so much. And yes, I can relate to it. I came into my sexuality while I was recording this album. I can walk into a sex shop now and not worry about what people would say if they saw me in there.

What do you guys think? Is she going overboard with the topless pics? Will you be picking up her album?

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  1. she's totally going over board. Don't see any need for this, cos she 's a beautiful woman, she can say and communicate whatever message she wants to without going naked. when will these people ever learn that there is a line between being sexy and being indecent.

  2. I loveeee her O_o!!!!!! ha I like your blog im going to follow!

  3. I think she looks GAWJUS on the cover!