Friday, July 15, 2011

Fierce or Foolish: Eva Marcille at Qream NYC Launch


Last night mega producer, artist & fashion icon Pharrell Williams launched his brand new liqueur Qream at an exclusive launch party in LA. Eva Marcille showed up to the event wearing a white fringed dress & colorful pumps, and a poppin' red lip.

I'm all about the fringe but I think it definitely takes an Eva-the-diva type of girl to rock something like this with confidence. This might look similar to a potato sack on me.

Eva Marcille, Serena Williams
What are you thoughts on this look? Would you rock it? Soundoff below!

Check out Kickin' It: Qream NYC Launch for pics of me partying it up with Pharell & friends!
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  1. I really like the look and she pulls it off well (it would look like a big boxy mess on me too.) Not so sure about the shoes ... maybe if they were all blue?

  2. im ok with fringe but not a fan of this look!

  3. Eva is fierce and giving the frugal fashionista a taste of her style

    Eva Marcille is the New Host of Hair Battle Spectacular Season 2

  4. I don't think I like this look. The color of the dress seems to wash her out somehow. She looks like the ghost of Christmas' past. A cheery yellow or funky green would have my vote though. I love me some Eva the Diva, but this look is just blah. Love teh red lip though!

  5. I kind of like it, but her makeup in that close-up picture is a hot mess!


  6. Since the options are Fierce or Foolish...I have to choose Foolish. That Makeup is awful and I don't like the look in its entirety.

  7. I want to like it, but first, the shoes are just awful with this dress. Ignore the shoes and I want to like the dress, but the fabric just looks cheap, you saw lots of cheap evening dresses made of this stuff back in the early aughts. The fringe is great, the color a bold choice for her but I like it . . . but I can't buy into the potato sack shape and the low-quality look of the fabric. Sadly, a miss. I won't call it foolish, sometimes you gotta try things and have fun with it and sometimes it won't work, but its definitely a miss.