Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Steal Her Chic: Solange for Fashionista

 A few weeks ago over at Fashionista.com, I stumbled on this Q&A of street style star Solange Knowles. I'm in loveee with this outfit. Here's how I would Steal Her Chic:

 Romper - At less than 20 bucks, you can't beat this lookalike. Roxy, $19.75. Wedges - I'm a huge fan of Dolce Vita. These give the same look and feel as Solange's and (score!), they're on sale. Dolce Vita, $110. Handbag - Though Solo is trotting around town in a turquoise Fendi, you can get the same luze appeal with a leather satchel from Linea Pelle, $435.00.

1. Iman Cosmetics Bronzer - I swear by this stuff! Ever since Sam Fine recommended it (HERE) for us brown girls, I've been a faithful user. To get Solange's subtle glow, opt for this simple trio. $15.49  

2. L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow in Flashy - L'Oreal's HIP eyeshadows are the perfect fix for intense color on a limited budget. Line your bottom lashes with turquoise and dust your lids with gold for Solange's look. $7.99

3. Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil - A new spokesbeauty for Carol's Daughter, I'm sure Solange has a bottle of this miracle elixir. I love Tui Hair oil for moisturizing the scalp, especially if you wear extensions or box braids like Solo. $8.50

Would you rock this look? Soundoff below!

Photos courtesy Fashionista
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  1. She does look great.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. I love this look and I am definitely a fan of the wedges you picked out! Cute!


  3. i can say from my own experience that L'Oreal HIP is the truth. so much color in such a tiny package. - jumi

  4. Loves this look. She making me want to get some poetic justice braids too lol


  5. Really love this outfit and the way you show how to "steal" this look! :)

  6. she really looks like her sister right here! I had those same braids and I don't get how she is able to balance her head without breaking her neck. I thought I was just about to die once i put that bun in the center of my head when i had them. LOL. I like the outfit, and think your look looks more summer then the actual look.