Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LBS Beauty Review: Incoco Nail Appliques

My life changed forever after discovering nail appliqués. If you're like me, and you consider nails an accessory, you can't live your life without them. My first nail appliqué experience took place while I was an editor at Honey Magazine and Incoco was actually the brand I used. Yes, Incoco broke my nail appliqué virginity and ever since, I've been hooked. Although I love many of the other brands out there, including Sally Hansen - blogged about them here - and Sephora, I think Incoco offers an awesome array for prints and colors. Here's are the 5 simple steps I take to put them on:

1. Start out with a clean slate. The cleaner and less oily your nails, the better these will adhere to your nail and the longer they will stay on.

2. Unwrap your strips. I used Incoco's Design Manicure in Rush for my mani. Love it!

At this point, you should examine the size of each strip and match them up to your finger size. 

(Tip: Save the extras! You can use them as accent nails when you do a regular mani, or for touch ups in case one falls off)

3. Peel outer layer. Gently lift off the plastic protective barrier to unveil the nail strip.

4. Smooth the strip on. So, this can get tricky. You want to make sure to smooth it on in a downward motion, making sure to get the strip centered and pushing down into the corners from the cuticle down.

5. Smooth & Go. After smoothing on each strip, file off the excess and keep smoothing until all air bubbles are gone. If you follow these steps you should have a perfect 10! No drying time - holler.

Have you guys tried Incoco? Would you?

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  1. I have used the Sally Hansen band and it worked really well. Polishing my own nails is such a challenge, the appliques work great.

  2. I don't wear nail polished because I am terrible at painting my own nails. I will definitely give it a try!

  3. I got incoco in a birchbox but never used it! I like this design. I usually use broadway or Sally Hansen