Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kickin' It: Robert Verdi's Luxe Lounge

This past Saturday, I was invited up to stylist Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab to experience his biannual Fashion Week Retreat. He invites editors, bloggers, stylists and influencers into his amazing suite in midtown Manhattan to experience an array of his favorite picks from beauty must-haves to fashion's newest apparel and accessories collections. Here's a quick snapshot of my time there:

Upon walking in, I was drawn to Robert's new sunglasses collection for HSN (Home Shopping Network). These shades are to die for! What's even cuter is they're named after some of Robert's besties. The style on the top left, for example, are called "June" after Robert's good friend and celebrity stylist June Ambrose. I picked up a pair of those in green and I fell in love. See my instagram pic below:

Fierce! Makes me feel like Ms. Ambrose herself. Guess what guys - these shades are all under $30 a pop! Get them HERE!

After gagging over Robert's new collection of shades, I picked up one of these Pop Phones. Have you guys ever seen these? They connect to your iPod, iPad, laptop or iPhone and you use them as a receiver, just like an old school phone! Aside from being absolutely adorable, they also help protect you from damaging radiation that comes from traditional phones.

You can also use them for Skype! Adorbs, right?

Next, I wandered over to the jewels at the Bamboo Pink table. Bamboo Pink is an afforable luxury jewel company that allows for direct sales. In other words, you could host a jewelry "party" and sell your own set of jewels on behalf of the company, similar to Avon or Tupperware. Not a bad idea, considering how chic the jewels are.

Sinful Colors was on-site giving out bright colored manicures. Love the blue at the top!

And yes, although editors don't normally have time to eat during fashion week, there was food! Weight loss system SENSA provided lite bites for the suite, with their product - a powdered substance you sprinkle on your food that apparently acts as an appetite suppresant. I've decided I need some of that in my life. One bite of Mac-n-cheese and I'm full? Yes m'aam.

I ran into these two lovelies at the lounge - Sarah Conley of StyleIT Online and Patrice Yursik of Afrobella.com. Both bloggers I admire!

Patrice of Afrobella, stylist Robert Verdi

And we luckily ran into Robert on our way out! Love him! Make sure you're following him on Twitter @RobertVerdi  - he's awesome.

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  1. Girl you have been hopping all over New York! I am living vicariously through you!

  2. I love June Ambrose! Those shades are hot!

  3. Wow!! Hello I see you had a good time!!! Yes those shades are hot!!!!

  4. Did you also get some freebies after attending the event? Geez, those shades are really awesome!

  5. Thank you so much for including us in your pictorial of your visit! And, for your wonderful comments!

  6. And, we shared your story on our blog too and linked back to you. We so enjoyed it and appreciate you!