Friday, December 21, 2012

Flavor of Friday: Holiday 2012 Edition

 Whoop! It's the last Friday before Christmas so I'm dubbing this "Flavor of Friday" our official Holiday 2012 edition. Lots of good information in store for you guys this week including some of my favorite holiday gift guides from across the web, New Year's Eve dress ideas and a few after-Christmas shindigs for my NYC gals to RSVP to. Check it out:

The Ultimate Vixen Gift Guide

Once upon a time, somebody on Instagram called me a"Vixen". And I liked it. Mmmhmm. Aside from being a VIBE Vixen contributor and having been featured as their Vixen of the Day, the ladies over there know what they're talking about! They have great taste. Hence, you should check out their "Ultimate VIXEN Holiday Gift Guide" and get some inspiration before the last weekend of holiday shopping ensues.

The Beauty Girl's Holiday Gift Guide

I don't trust everyone's opinions when it comes to my beauty product recommendations. But one girl I do trust is beauty blogger Eileen from Miss Whoever You Are. Aside from her being a super fly chick, she's tapped into what's hot & new in the realm of beauty, especially for dark & lovely ladies like myself. Eileen was nice enough to include my LoveBrownSugar x LiSi Cosmetics nail lacquer in her roundup this year. For that I'm eternally thankful!

New Year's Eve Dress Roundup

It's creeping up! Before you know it, it will be here. Yup, New Year's Eve is around the corner. Have you bought a dress yet? Didn't think so.  If you're at a loss for ideas, hop on over to The Style & Beauty Doctor and get you some inspiration. She has a complete list of NYE dresses that won't break the bank, for all sizes from petite to curvy. No excuses!

Blake Von D Celebrates 4 Years

Happy Blogaversary to my good friend Blake Von D. For those of you who will be in the NYC area, Blake will be celebrating her 4 year blog anniversary on December 27th 7-10pm. RSVP info is above - don't say I never told ya!

Have a great weekend yall! Don't get trampled at the mall holiday shopping this weekend or anything, I need your pageviews to survive. (Hah! I kid! Well, maybe not really)

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