Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Style Play Polish: Glitter-Dipped LoveBrownSugar Nails

What are all girls made of? Polish, glitter and everything that shimmers! With the holidays right around the corner, sometimes glam just isn’t glam enough. Insert glitter-dipped tips!

On November 20th, we celebrated the release of our very own “Love Brown Sugar” polish with Lisi Cosmetics. Finding the perfect polish color is hard enough, but finding one with great quality and versatility is just as important. LoveBrownSugar polish ($4.90) + Glitter = Perfection. Here's what you need to create a long-lasting design for your perfect mistletoe moment:

What you will need:

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nails.

Step 2: Apply two coats of Love Brown Sugar (or any color of your choice).

Step 3: Find a matching glitter to apply on top of your polish. You can do a small swipe at the bottom, similar to a french manicure for a slightly-dipped look.

Here's how Christina's nails turned out using this method with the "Deja Vu" polish from LiSi Cosmetics:

If you want an even more luxe look, you can apply your glitter polish all over like I did. I used the "Millionaire" polish by Nailtini. Below is how mine came out. I've done this method with the "LoveBrownSugar" nail lacquer and with other festive colors:

Step 4: Seal and shine with a top coat.

One thing we love about glitter polish is that it will last a long time and you can use it to touch up any chips or cracks. Every girl deserves a little glitter in her life!

- Gracie J
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