Monday, April 8, 2013

Instaweek 4.8.13

Happy Monday guys! I don't know about you, but I'm in a damn good mood because finally the weather has peaked here in NYC and it is above 60 degrees! Let the church say Amen. Anyway, here's my weekly Instagram recap:

My girls Janelle and Jill

Two of my absolute favorite music artists have both found themselves on the covers of my fave magazines - Jill Scott in Ebony and Janelle Monae in Essence this month. It is a rare occasion that I'm clamoring to the newsstand to pick up two must-have issues. For me, these ladies are the epitome of class and artistic talent combined. They have both made a conscious decision not to sacrifice themselves or their art for this business. They make women like myself embrace our differences with pride. And they also have a thirst for life that really shines through their music.

Spring Is In The Fingertips

It's officially spring! Not only am I excited that the weather is finally above 50 degrees but I'm ecstatic about the fun nail art ideas I can now experiment with. I attended a nail art and fashion event at the French Connection store in SoHo, sponsored by nail lacquer brand Ginger & Liz. They did really fun floral designs for all the guests. Not to mention, the French Connection SS13 collection is amaze. Such a great night!


It's official guys! I'm headed to the Coachella Music Festival in partnership with Indique Hair. I'll be out there in my cutoffs and crop top snapping street style pics, Instagramming my life away and doing interviews while vibing to indie tunes - I can't wait! I've been trying to get out to Coachella for two years now. So happy to finally be attending and experiencing it for the first time. Started from the bottom now we here! *hits my dougie*


This weekend I stumbled on some old pics of Solange back in 2009 when she first made a natural hair statement by chopping off her long locks and opting for a TWA. Back then there were so many critics - myself included. I'll admit it, I was totally shocked by her new look. I thought it was a cry for attention! But little by little as I started to report on her red carpet appearances and I witnessed how confident she was with her bold new look, I fell in love with it. Just a few weeks before I started my tenure at Honey Magazine, they were the first publication to shoot Solange's new look. I started there, super proud to be part of a staff that was on the cusp of trendsetters and statement-makers like Solo. And similar to her TWA, I've grown so much since then! It's almost like I started my journey to true self-discovery at the same time she cut her hair. So this shoot will always remind me of that pivotal time in my life.

What about you? Is there a pop culture event or celebrity news story of the past that reminds you of a pivotal time in your life? Share your experience below!

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