Thursday, April 18, 2013

LBS Beauty: 5 Beauty Must-Haves for the Jetsetter

Tis the season to travel! Christina's headed to Cali for Coachella and many of us will be planning our spring and summertime destination vacays in the coming months. Seasoned travelers know that easy adjustments can make any trip feel like a first class affair. When I’m away from home I always make sure these five essentials are in tow: 

1. A Moisturizing Mask

Whatever your preference: plane, train, or automobile; the recycled air in compact spaces dries skin at an unflattering rate. A refreshing mask upon arrival will is like a drink of water for your skin. When’s Essence Gel Masks are packaged individually and hydrate and soothe fatigued faces.

2. Makeup Removal Wipes

You don't need to watch an investigative report to know that commonly shared areas--like airplane armrests, hotel remotes, and gas pumps are hotbeds of lingering dirt and bacteria. Use your makeup removal wipes (like the Yes to Cucumber ones above) to clean them up, and save the rest for your face. 

3. Candles
Nothing will keep homesickness at bay and usher familiarity in faster than comforting scents. Store a few of your favorite candles (or try a new fragrance) in travel sizes in your bag. My favorite luxury travel candles are by Trish McEvoy and Tocca. 

4. Tools
Brushes are expensive, so treat them with a little respect in your suitcase. Store them in an easily cleaned, compartmentalized makeup bag. You can also opt for a special Travel Brush Set to throw in your carry-on.

5. Bite Size Beauty

Preparing for a getaway where you can let your hair down a bit? Vacations are excellent opportunities to try new products. Round up some travel samples from your local beauty store and discover a new favorite.

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- Ashley Weatherford of August Skin, @sincerelyash on Twitter

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