Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Style Play Polish: Spring Chevron Nails

We're at it again! Spreading some LBS love with fun spring nail art. How many of you have welcomed spring with open arms? *Raises hands* How many of you are dedicating a lot more time to sprucing up your lady fingers? *Raises both hands*

With this design you will be dedicating less time in exchange for a simple, hassle-free polish look using a nail applique as the accent nail.

What you will need:

Apply one of the nail sicker appliqués to an accent nail of your choice to base your design on. A base coat is not necessary for this step.

Apply 2 thin layers of the white polish on top of your already prepped nails.

It should look like this once finished. This another cute and simplistic nail look you can leave as-is.

Step 3: Using the lightest of your colors, create a two sided chevron like effect on your nails. 

Step 4: After the first color has completely dried, create a top layer leaving the bottom color exposed.

Step 5: Using your nail art pen, separate the two colors where they meet. This creates a contrast between the different shades making them stand out more.

5 easy steps, 5 pairs of happy fingers! Don't forget to come back next week for another segment of Style, Play, Polish!

- Gracie J

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  1. This is cute! I love Butter nail polish, but they are so expensive!

    1. Thanks Tori! I hear ya. You can actually do the same chevron look using any 2 nail lacquers of your choice. It doesn't have to be Butter! :)

  2. Ótimo tutorial!!Abraços!!!

  3. I love these nail tutorial posts! I tried the mondrian nails, but they were just all right. I should have listened to the post and worked with brighter colors. Keep 'em coming!