Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Ways To Try Summer Prints With Nail Art

Summer is my absolute favorite season. Not only for the warm weather, beach days, and picnics but also because bright colors and fun prints are a wardrobe must-have. If you're used to sticking to neutrals during the colder months, bursting onto the summer scene in full-on prints might be a tad intimidating. But don't worry, your wardrobe isn't the only place you can try the trends.

Nail art is an easy way to pull off fashion-forward prints as an accessory to your look. Here are four cool ways to try the print trend the DIY nail art way:

1. Runway-Inspired Nails

This Kenzo-inspired manicure is easily accomplished in four simple steps. If you've seen this print on some of your favorite celebs, I'm sure you've wondered how to get the look for less. This DIY nail art tutorial will show you how. It's high fashion, quick, easy and on the cheap!

2. Modern Art-Inspired Nails

Taking cues from artist Piet Mondrian, this manicure looks way more complicated than it actually is. You can achieve this look in six quick steps. It requires a few different nail colors applied in block strips to achieve the boxed look, and just a little precision with a black nail art brush. Give it a try, especially if you can't afford to have a Mondrian original hanging on your wall. Instant decor for the nails!

3. Chevron Nails

One of the simpler nail art looks that can be easily interchanged with your preferred wardrobe colors, the chevron print is a popular one this season. This tutorial features five super simple steps. It's a bold print, and also fun and easy to do. You can tone it down for more professional setting by using two neutral palette colors. It's a jazzier version of the french mani!

4. Rainbow Nails

By far the most arts & craftsy of the bunch, this style might be best for a fun weekend picnic, a summer festival, or a pool party. You'll undoubtedly stand out with multicolored nails, and the cool thing about this five-step tutorial is that it is super easy to personalize. Pick your three favorite summer colors and have at it!

Would you try any of these bold DIY nail art trends to upgrade your summer wardrobe? Keep me posted!

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