Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cover Girls: Kelly Rowland for Essence Magazine

Kelly Rowland looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Essence Magazine's September issue! In it, the starlet & R&B songstress talks about her past battles with self-confidence and the untold stories she alluded to on her single "Dirty Laundry". About the Beyonce-jealousy controversy, she explained to Essence:
“For a long time I wasn’t happy, but that had nothing to do with BeyoncĂ©,” Rowland says. “That had to do with me trying to get my life in order and make better decisions for myself. I’m seeing all these wonderful things happen for her and I am happy for her. But I want a path. I want things to pop off for me, too. Not on her level but whatever my level is supposed to be.”
I'm beyond happy for Kelly Rowland. I've been an avid follower of hers since her Destiny's Child days, and I'm glad she's finally come into her own and happy with who she is and what she's accomplished. There's nothing better than feeling happy regardless of how people look at you or try to judge you. Don't you agree?

I must say I'm also INCREDIBLY excited for the Essence September issue because I make a brief cameo in it! Once I have an issue on hand, I'll share my feature with you guys. Stay tuned!

For more about the exclusive Kelly Rowland cover story, check out Essence.com here: http://www.essence.com/2013/07/31/kelly-rowland-graces-september-issue-essence

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