Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cover Girls: Janelle Monae for Honey Magazine

 So not only are they paying the bills but Honey Magazine is just an amazing online publication overall. We've had the opportunity to have some really amazing stars on the cover of our pages over the last year. This month's cover story though is my absolute favorite: "Elle Matador: Janelle Monae"

Let me start out by saying she was an absolute joy to work with. Not always something you can say when working with celebrities. she has this fearless and enchanting spirit about her and SO incredibly humble - another rare characteristic in the entertainment biz.

The shoot's overall theme was "Elle Matador" - cute play on words huh? You know, that's how my boss does it! Anyway, to play off her affinity for tuxes and black/white, we clad Janelle in bullfighting attire...

What I loved about Janelle's shoot was her intensity. She never has a problem smiling with her eyes - I'll say that much. Tyra would be proud. 

And of course, per usual, her fro is FIERCE! Best shoot ever...

Check out more of our shoot with Janelle Monae over at Honey Magazine! There are more amazing pics and an interview you won't wanna miss.

Here's a cutesy photo of Janelle Monae and the Honey fam!

(From left: Me, Editor-in-Chief Shanel Odum, Managing Editor Erika Ramirez, Cover girl Janelle Monae)

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  1. This shoot looks awesome! Janelle is definitely a style icon, she looks ridiculously fab in these pics!

  2. Aaaahhh!!
    How dope is that? You got to be at her shoot?
    I love her!

    dope blog!