Thursday, April 22, 2010

On The Market: Pour La Victoire Handbags

Last month, I posted about Pour La Victoire's amazing lineup of shoes for Spring and Fall 2010. What I didn't tell you about, because it was on the hush-hush until their press release, was Pour La Victoire's plans to launch a new and exciting line of handbags! As I first walked into their amazing showroom, the bags were on display and I fell in love with every last one...

 The handbags are beautifully crafted with studding embellishment and rich distressed leather giving them a sturdy, grungy feel with a hint of sophistication...

The one on the left up above was one of my faves. It's such a great classic studded bag, perfect for every day...
What do you think of the collection? It launches in July 2010 and I actually can't wait for it to hit stores. I've found that fgreat shoe designers do just as amazing work with handbags, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

For more information on Pour La Victoire, check their website - PourLaVictoire.com
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  1. OMG loooove these bags <3 so urban warrior chic! can't wait to check these out. I sooo need one for the fall!!

  2. YUUUM! I love the shoes, and had no idea bags were a-comin'. hooray :)

  3. Bags are literally my drug! I Love it!!!!!! Awesome!