Friday, April 23, 2010

Get Like Me: Designer Marc Clark

All hail the bowtie king! If you don't already know about Marc Clark and his amazing fashion line, get into him with LoveBrownSugar's "Get Like Me" series. For all you LoveBrownSugar readers aspiring to break into the fashion industry or simply intrigued by it, our “Get Like Me” series highlights exclusive interviews with industry insiders from celebrity stylists to new fashion designers, fashion PR heads & more! This week: Young designer and LoveBrownSugar-dubbed bowtie king, Marc Clark...

The Fab 5

Name: Marc Clark
Location: Brooklyn. NYC (originally from Prince Georges County, MD)
Personal Style in 3 Words: Innovative, Daring, and Creative
Favorite Designer(s): Raf Simmons, Jeremy Scott, and Marc Jacobs.
Must-Have Accessory: A watch, and a sick pair of shoes!!

All About Marc C.

How did you get started in the industry?
I’ve worked, lived and breathed fashion for over ten years. I started out in the industry coordinating fashion events, fashion shows, and managed retail stores while I lived in Maryland. I moved to New York over 4 years ago and started interning. I’ve worked with BET, MTV, Vibe Magazine, and Russell Simmons.

Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?
I’ve always known I wanted to work in fashion since I was younger. I have always had an attraction to beautiful things. Fashion is an outlet for me to express my feelings, thoughts, and creative energy!

Describe a day in your life:
A typical day for me is keeping track of my empire I am in the stages of building. Everything from speaking with magazines/blog sites for interviews, to coordinating stylist pulls for editorial shoots, shipping/packing orders, fabric shopping in the city, and running to photo shoots. This seems like a lot talking about it, but it’s become my reality and I am blessed to be living it!

Rihanna, seen as one of the fashion-forward movers and shakers, has worn one of your bow ties. How did you react?
I was beyond excited. Rihanna is a dynamic individual and a wonderful artist. Having her support my movement, motivated me to continue doing what I’m doing.

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas has also worn your Uder line. Who's your favorite client?
Yes, Will.I.Am is currently wearing the UDER FOR MARC C “Caged” Glasses on the Black Eyed Peas “The End” World Tour. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite client. Anyone who supports my vision and buys my products are all equally favored by me.

Most rewarding experience of your career thus far?
The most rewarding experience of my career so far is being a 24-year-old designer, living in New York City and working for myself.

3 Pieces of advice for aspiring designers?
If you are looking to break into the fashion industry, I would advise that you:
1) Look for internships, 2) Study/research your craft and 3) Stay focused. Nothing comes easy.

What's in your bag (or wallet)?
I will break it down for you… My choice of wallet is LV (wonderful quality of leather products) and you can find bankcards, my ID and business cards. I do carry a bag to photo shoots and events, where you can find my UDER FOR MARC C Glasses, Bow tie brooches, and Fox tails. You never leave home unprepared.

Keep up with this young talent. Follow Marc Clark on Twitter @TheRealMarcC and check out his amazing designs at his website: www.MarcClark.com 
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