Friday, April 16, 2010

Updates: Chrisette Michele's Buzz Cut

So you guys remember last week's "buzz" right? Literally. Chrissette Michele chopped off her hair in exchange for a buzz cut! Well (a la Solange), the good news is she's gone super short and stylishly natural. She did a shoot with celebrity photographer and "alter ego" pioneer Derek Blanks. Here are the pics:

Loving the color and the highlights...

Makeup & styling are on point! Chrissette looks absolutely GORGE in these pictures.

What do you guys think? Fierce or Foolish??
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  1. I say Fierce. I LOVE the second picture of her with the hands on face. She looks striking. If she keeps up some fresh-faced makeup, she can easily pull this off.

  2. The girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. I think she looks stunning. She has such a gorgeous face and striking features, I think that the shaved head does so much justice for her, Solange, and Amber Rose to really show their features. This pics are really gorgeous, I love the one where she is looking right at the camera.