Monday, July 13, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Derek Blanks

For those of you who aren't familiar with Derek Blanks, he's most famous for his "alter-ego" photography. He takes multiple pictures of select celebrities and then superimposes the images next to each other. For those avid ANTM fans, they did a photoshoot like this one in Season 3, where the girls had to play 2 different personalities. Anyway, here's some of his work:

Chrissette Michelle meets herself

Eva Pigford

Kim Porter & the twins

Amerie and her string puppets

Well, Derek Blanks recently did a racy photoshoot with former Danity Kane member Dawn Richards and Day 26 member Que. It's interesting, to say the least:

Not sure how I feel about these Dawn & Que pics...Fierce or Foolish?

To check out more of Derek Blanks visit his site here. He's very talented.

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  1. I think dawn and que is a cute couple. dat photo is so random..