Thursday, July 30, 2009

UPDATE: Sasha Fierce or Foolish? The Saga Continues...

Beyonce in Sasha Fierce for House of Dereon Advertisement

So I'm sure you all remember my first article in early July about the upcoming launch of the Sasha Fierce line by House of Dereon. Well, I recently ran across the above advertisement for the line. And, to my surprise, it doesn't look AS bad as I originally thought it was going to be. The initial pics, which were mostly black ensembles of simple pieces with no real construction or design to them, gave me the feeling that this line was just a BAD idea....hence the recurring theme "Fierce or Foolish" that originated with this article.

Anyway, my vote was that this line was drier than a bag of frozen peas...and wouldn't be catching anyone's attention, anytime soon. However, from the looks of Bey's advertisement up top, it looks like she added a little bit of flavor to these duds. I'm interested to see what the patterned dress in the middle is talking bout...the cutout criss-cross back looks like it might be doing a little something. So, I guess Bey is up for trial again....Fierce or Foolish??
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  1. Still wack in my book. Lol.
    Utter Foolishness.

  2. Lol. Alex nabbed the pattern dress in the middle when she was working for Dereon...cute idea, poor execution says the little hole she had to stitch up ... Touch and tear though, really B?