Friday, July 24, 2009

Style Icon: Rihanna in Alexander McQueen

Girlfriend has done it again! That's right - 2 posts about RiRi in one day..but I couldn't help it.

Ok so I must shout out one of my besties ShaSha for inspiring this post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Alexander McQueen look...on Rihanna...on myself...in general!

What I love about it:

1. Black: I venture to say a girl's best friend. Anyone just looks utterly chic in a crisp blacks ensemble. It never fails. It looks good on everyone. It's slimming. It's always in style. LOVE it.

2. Pearls: I'm not a HUGE fan of pearls, but I certainly appreciate them when they're done right. And in this case, they're exquisite. Normally, pearls sweeten up the look, give it more class and sophisitication. But in this case, these layered pearls almost give the look even MORE EDGE! Rihanna takes them to another level with the multi-layers.

3. Lace, fingerless, elbow-length gloves: LOVE, LOVE LOVE. As morbid as black lace can be, Rihanna again gives them some spice by rocking them fingerless. Now I need a pair. Tempted to cut up my lace tights and wrap them around at the ELBOWS!! (I won't, I promise.....at least not in public hehe)

4. Red lips: If there is anything I'm usually against, it's a strong red lip. It's just not my style..I'm more of a tinted lipgloss kinda girl. BUT, these statement lips look absolutely stunning on Rihanna. Especially considering the rest of her ensemble is virtually colorless...red lips really make the look POPand bring the Old Hollywood meets New-School Sexy look together.

Verdict: FIERCE...not up for discussion. (j/k)
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  1. lol thanks for the shoutout! But my jaw dropped when I saw RiRi at this premiere. It's perfection. And she works it. Not everyone can wear such a severe outfit and make it work like she did. *sigh* I <3 her.