Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leather Shorts: Fierce or Foolish?

So this little question was sparked upon flipping through one of my monthly fashion mags. I stumbled upon a spread about leather shorts:

Now as an avid supporter of MOST things leather, I started to think about the possiblities of rocking this trend in the summer time. You know, cute chiffon-y flirty top and edgy platform heels. But then I thought about it...it's SUMMER...and shorts are supposed to keep you cool. Leather on a hot sweaty day? Not so much.... but what about winter?? Again, it's a Catch 22. They're leather, yes, sp appropriate for cold weather. HOWEVER, they're still shorts!!

So then I got to thinking about fashion and I started to realize how much the fashion industry has turned items that used to be just "utility" items, into pieces that compliment an outfit, but make absolutely no sense to wear given the circumstances.
What do you think - Fierce or foolish?
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  1. I’ve having a really hard time with this one…lol.. I can only phantom wearing them if your rocking them with tights. I think I’ll go with fierce.

  2. I actually think they managed to make it look decent on the runway...but in real life? I've yet to see someone master it. Maybe we'll see it this fall?