Thursday, July 16, 2009

ESPY Awards Fashion Countdown

Ok people, I know how much you guys love the countdowns! I just got my hands on some Red Carpet Photos from the ESPY Awards in L.A last night. Here are my Top 5 Best & Worst:

5. BEST - Carmello Anthony

SO you guys know I'm not an expert when it comes to Men's Fashion, however Carmello really stepped up his game last night. I'm not mad at him at all for this Turquoise & White linen ensemble. The brown tie is a nice touch!

4. WORST - Lisa Leslie

Now, now Lisa....just because you play for the WNBA does NOT mean you don't have to keep up with the trends! When, pray-tell, was the last time you saw this particular silhouette on the Red Carpet?? Circa 1996? Black - love this color. Floor length- love that too. But slim-fitted, boat-necked, with no particular detailing and little subtle SPARKLES all around. And let's not even talk about the shoes...SHEESH! Word to the wise: If you're a tall glass o' water like Lisa Leslie, play up your strengths by showing off those legs in a 3/4-length dress or skirt ensemble. Stay away from slim-fitted and floor length dresses circa 1996....

3. BEST - Venus Williams

Ms. Venus was TRULY looking like a goddess at the ESPY Awards last night. This AMAZING Mara Hoffman maxi-dress was appropriate for the occasion, for the season, and for her body shape. Gotta love it! The accessories are just perfect - not too much and not too little. Her hair is simple yet graceful and placed to one side, an excellent choice considering how attention-grabbing her dress already is. And the makeup is just perfect. I love everything about it. I WANT this dress...and the hair. FIERCE!

2. WORST - Vanessa Bryant

So this is a perfect example of the phrase "If you got it, flaunt it" gone terribly WRONG. Boobs popping out of the SEAMS, though?? TOO MUCH! And she had the nerve to sport a sparkly ill-fitting one piece jumper?? With cutouts?? Let's PAUSE right there for a little word of wisdom: One-piece jumpers are not for everyone. For that matter, one piece jumpers with CUTOUTS and SPARKLES are not for everyone....just had to throw that out there. Vanessa, I know you have one of the hottest men in the industry on your arm, but PLEASE step your fashion game up.

1. BEST - Serena Williams

Serena, my dear...what can I say? I'm speechless! She looks absolutely STUNNING in this dress. Color that compliments the skin - check! Silhouette that accentuates her amazing body - check! Hair and makeup ON POINT - check!

Ms. Serena looks like she OWNS this Awards show. I mean, we all know she's the flyyest in the Tennis game but please don't sleep on her fashion sense (or that of her stylist). Kudos to her stylist if she had one. I'm sure her stylist probably had something to do with Venus as well. The Williams sisters stole the show last night.

Props and nuff ree-speck!

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