Friday, July 24, 2009

"Shear" Fever: Where did all the hair go??

What is it about 2009 that is making everybody cut off all their hair? I've had 2 great friends cut their hair within the past 6 months and countless celebrities have caught the fever as well. Many attribute the shift in trends to pioneers like Halle circa the early 90's. But did the dearly beloved Rihanna re-invent the craze that seems to be amplifying as the year 2009 goes on?? I mean, I feel like I should jump on boat and chop it off too...only I think I'd probably cry.

Anyway, here are some recent celebrity chops:

That's right, our favorite first lady Ms. Michelle Obama got herself a short trim...

Chrisette Michelle, R&B soulstress sportin a short cut...

Tell a friend! Ms. Ciara, the queen of long, bone-straight hair...has a SHORT cut

I really couldn't believe this one...I don't like it! I feel like long, flowy fits her face better. Is it just me?

Former Destiny's Child Member Michelle Williams and her new cut...

Love her! Ms. Toccara Jones, former ANTM contestant, now BET correspondent.

So many cuts...so little time. I might have to ponder my decision to chop my own hair off a little further...more details to come!

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  1. i must admit i was apart of the "Shear" Fever too. jan of 2009 my hair was almost to my butt when i went to my hairdresser and took it down to a chin length bob. went back 6 weeks later and went to a halle berry pixie look (the movie swordfish) and since the last cut ive been growing it back. i got over the "Fever" quick lol.