Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson: Style Icon

It has been a little over a week since the passing of the great King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At the tender age of 50, he left us and simulataneously created one of the greatest media frenzies in history. Sources say large database websites like Google and Twitter were out of commision for minutes at a time because of all the buzz about Michael Jackson's sudden death.

Aside from being an incredibly talented and nearly-worshipped entertainer, Michael Jackson was known for his edgy and vibrant style. In fact, there are a number of trends that were started because of him and MY prediction is that there will be a HUGE surge in the reincarnations of many of his trends now that the star has passed away. Here are my predictions:


Clearly there was nothing dull or drab about the late great MJ. Anytime he walked into a room, walked on stage, or graced anyone with his presence - he took the SPOTLIGHT. With sparkly ensembles like this one, you had to pay attention. My crystal ball is telling me, there will be an influx of designers creating jackets and vests with this concept in mind. Gold embellisment, sparkles and sequins will abound, whether it be in subtle detailing or in standout peices like this one!


Michael Jackson was one of the first big-time celebrities to rock the Military trend to no avail. You could always spot him rocking the structured jackets with the gold embellishment, high shoulder pads and fringe. This trend is catching on quickly as some of reputable high-end designers have already started putting peices like this in heavy rotation. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have been spotted with the Balmain military jackets and I'm POSITIVE more designers as well as lower end retailers like H&M and Zara will be catching on soon.

Beyonce, sporting the Balmain jacket with a white tank & skinny jeans

Rihanna rockin the Balmain in true MJ style, with the curly hair and dark shades - love it!


Now I know fedoras in general have been making a style comeback since Spring 08. Walk along any tree-lined street in NYC's East Village and I challenge you to count how many heads are donning a lightweight fedora. However, the black fedora (perhaps in a heavier material) provides a very stylish way to rock a hat in the Fall and channel that old-skool vibe.

4. RED

What better way to channel energy and command attention than in firey red duds. Red is known to be a color that commands power and also insinuates sex appeal. I mean there was never a song like "Lady in Brown", right? It's always been the "Lady in Red" that takes center stage. But male or female, this color has the power to attract. And the King of Pop was no stranger to this color as Thriller induced an unmistakeable association between firey red and Michael Jackson.

Well, that's my forecast of what's in store for the Fashion world now that MJ is gone. Mark my words, any designer that decides to pick up an entire line dedicated and inspired by Michael Jackson's style, will be wildly successful. Not just for his legacy and his inspiration, but also because it would be a line of really amazing peices. I'll be first in line for a sparkly jacket!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson - King of Pop & Style Icon


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