Friday, July 31, 2009

Trend Alert: It's a Scarf! It's a Necklace! It's GLAM!

Working in a creative industry, I happen to be daily surrounded by extremely talented people. From writers, to singers, to fashion designers...everyone has a side hustle. Well, I was recently introduced to a fellow intern by the name of Kori Fields who is extremely creative and gifted. Not only is Kori dressed to the tee everyday, but she also makes these amazing pieces that she calls "Glam Collars". I'm sure most of you haven't seen anything like this, but she makes these pieces that are almost like scarfs, but they're draped with strips of stretch jersey and hang low like necklaces:

Currently, Urban outfitters sells pieces that are similar but NOT NEARLY as flyy as the original pieces that Kori makes.

Deena & Ozzy Jersey Chain Scarf, $48.00

The problem with the one pictured above is that the color is already pre-selected for you, the chain is hidden and, to me, it looks messy. Kori makes each one of her "Glam Collars" customized, based on fabric type, color, and accessories you'd like her to add to them. She recently made a gorgeous one for me which I will be rocking in my travels over the weekend! I asked her to make mine with animal print, army green jersey, and a gold chain with pearls:

3 Reasons the "Glam Collar" is the next big thing:

1) They make a statement. What's great is that they're very customizable. Not only can you pick the color and prints but you can add your own chains to them or even pin on buttons and brooches to match your mood. Everyone wants to have their own unique flavor and its so easy with something like this.

2) Double Duty: These serve 2 purposes - fashion and utility. Although they're super cute and drapey like necklaces, they're also scarves! So they're versatile enough to be worn with a tank and jeans in summer AND with your favorite oversized cardigan in the Fall season.

3) They're GLAM! One of the best things about finding something new is getting to tell people you had it first haha... put your order in now before your friends find out.

To find these lovely "Glam Collars" by Kori Fields and to place Special Orders, check out her Etsy shop: www.fashionstop.etsy.com

Email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to request any further contact info.

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  1. wow! those are so gorgeous. thanks for introducing me to them, totally going to go check out the etsy shop right now.