Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Zara Sale!!

So, for those of you who are actively searching for the next SALE or the latest bargains, please direct your attention to ZARA this week! Their SALE actually started 2 weeks ago, however I never shop Zara Sale within the first week because (although the pickins might be fresh) the inventory doesn't get priced LOWEST until the last few weeks of the sale. The way Zara operates is unlike many other retailers. They hardly ever go on SALE. In fact, their sales are only twice a year: once in Winter (after Christmas) and once in Summer (always late June/early July). They have these very unique retailing operations - they change over their inventory extremely QUICKLY. So for those of you who've visited a Zara, saw something SO cute and thought you would come back in 2 weeks and still see it there - it often doesn't work like that. Once Zara is sold out of a certain item, it doesn't come back. They refresh the store with brand new inventory to keep the customer guessing.

Anyway, if you live near a location, now's the time to stop by. They're in the final weeks of summer SALE and they have amazing dresses for $20-$50, Boyfriend blazers under $40, and much more. Get it while you can because they won't be on SALE again till Christmas!!
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