Monday, July 6, 2009

Rando Street Shots: Slashed Tights

Working in the midst of Times Square I'm less than excited to walk outside for lunch, to say the least. In a sea of "I LOVE NY" family t-shirts, slow-walking tourists and disposable cameras...I can only hope to make it across the street without strangling someone before my lunch hour is over. Among all things, I never expect to spot new trends or see anything fashionable pass before me because all the REAL New Yorkers would never commit lunchtime suicide by passing through Times Sq. Very different from my gig last summer on the lustrous and luxurious streets of 5th Avenue.

Anyway, to my surprise, I found something "interesting" on the street today. I won't say it was fashionable...yet. But it was definitely interesting:

Now I'm not really sure what to say about these...they're definitely "interesting". And honestly after stalking this girl for 1.5 blocks to try and get a decent pic, they honestly started to grow on me (no homo). They're simple black leggings that have slashed cutouts on the side..taking them from normal to "risque". At first, I assumed Ms. Risque (she shall be named) just cut these out herself. However, upon further research I discovered that they actually come ripped these days. Here's a cool pair from Shopbop:


I honestly like the side-slashed pair a whole lot more because the slash is more subtle and a little more demure. Slashes in the front are a bit too 80's for me. What do you think?
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  1. her tights remind me of the herve leger dress that everyone is now wearing:


  2. I wear mine daily. It's almost a basic component of the Japanese RTW collection. LOL