Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Street Shots: Briana from Harlem Heights

By the graces of my awesome internship at BET, I had the pleasure of attending a taping of BET & Grey Goose Presents "Rising Icons". It's a new show on BET that just recently premiered its first episode this past Monday, July 27th with the profiling of Chrisette Michelle. I believe it airs on Mondays but check here to find out more info about the artists and the tour. Anyway, I was delighted to sit through 3 tapings and therefore 3 mini concerts - Wale, The Dream and Keri Hilson. It was an amazing time and the artists were great. So, of course as I was given the VIP treatment, I had the pleasure of being an audience member and rubbing elbows with the likes of some of BET's reality TV stars. I happened to run into Briana of Harlem Heights, sassy designer at Victoria Secret and aspiring handbag entrepreneur.

Briana, to the right, on the set of Rising Icons

Anyway, she was dressed to the tee per usual. She had on this really cute pink short-sleeved blazer with gold accessories on the shoulder which I thought was really chic (big shoulders are in yall!). She was also donning a black tutu-esque skirt and these interesting ankle-cuff sandals. I say "interesting" because they almost looked like boots...but not. Anyway, her outfit was fierce. I wonder if that bag she's wearing is from her new B.Marie handbag line. Check out her designs here - she's working it!

Soo...ankle-cuff sandal/booties...Fierce or Foolish?
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