Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LoveBrownSugar Chic: Funky in Florals

It's here! We're smack dab in the middle of April and summer is right around the corner (hopefully). To kick off the amazing season - my inaugural spring ensemble; bright, funky and fancy-free florals!

This outfit is one of my absolute faves. Why, you ask? Because I dug alot of these amazing duds up from my local vintage shop. I normally don't find jumpers that fit my shape very well. But I lucked out with this one...

One of my tricks for creating shape in a vintage piece that might appear frumpy - cinch your ensemble at the waist with a belt. Gives your body some contour, AND it can make an outfit that would be otherwise too baggy, fit like a glove...

I guess my biggest rule of thumb when it comes to personal style is to be comfortable and happy in anything I throw on. The more comfortable I am, the more confident I feel. It always shows...

Oh the power of accessories. These H&M bracelets are my favorite this season. I wear them with pretty much anything and everything. I mean, why not?

I'm not a beauty expert but when I find products I like, I tend to stick with them. Some of my fave beauty products include MAC Sheer Foundation, Urban Decay eyeshadows, Covergirl Outlash mascara and Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss.

Floral Jumper: Vintage, Bracelets: H&M, Belt & Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Nine West
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  1. A new reader to your blog and I love how it perfectly displays your passion in an unpretentious way. Go 'head. Keep looking fly and having fun.

  2. Hey Brown Sugar, I am loving your blog! And I must agree with KayB that I love how the blog displays your love of fashion but doesn't OD. I stopped by the blog via the fashion bomb b/c your pics were awesome! I'm a fellow NYer and blogger and I'd love to network w/ you. Holla back at me on Twitter @LoudPen. Thanks and ttyl.