Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LoveBrownSugar Chic: naKIMuli Inc.

Some of you avid blog readers and fashionistas might have seen this lady's work around. Her name is Tennille McMillan and a few weeks ago Honey Magazine (via myself) did a fashion feature entitled "Funky Sweetheart" on her awesome clothing and accessories:

naKIMulic Inc is definitely a brand to watch. With inspiring shapes, colors and prints, Tennille is pushing her work farther than I've seen many indie designers go... 

Here I'm sporting her Afrikan Hologram Dress ($100). I fell in love with the african print on the front and the fact that there's a psychadelic hologram design around back. And of course I love the exaggerated shoulders on it...

New artist Raye 6 was seen wearing this same dress at the MTV Movie Awards the other day. The colors are a little dull but you get the picture:

 I'm absolutely in love with her accessories too.. 

She has these oversized Bow Brooches ($25), pictured above, that are super cute. You can pin them anywhere! I decided to rock mine round front. And they come in teeny weeny size as well.

Check out her work at naKIMuli Inc's Website
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  1. Love the dress, and you're rocking it, girl!

  2. I've seen her work! Only if I could afford the items I want : / You look fab in them!

  3. That dress is amazing!

  4. dress is TOO cute on u hun!


  5. Can I borrow that dress when your done?

  6. I love her work. And that dress looks fab on you!