Monday, June 14, 2010

Fierce or Foolish: Solange Spotted at Tao

 Solange was spotted this past weekend at Tao in Las Vegas rocking a curly fro (wig) and a cutesy Boxing Kitten mini dress. 

As a lover of Boxing Kitten, I gagged when I saw this dress on her. I think she looks stunning. And the curly fro really suits her well.

 What do you guys think? Fierce or Foolish?

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  1. It's fierce all the way! Solange is my fashion shero!

  2. Fierce! she looks gorgeous! I'm def taking this pic with me to Ghana and having something like this made.

  3. i love solange with the curly hair also...but I still love her bald!

  4. She looks fierce!! A big improvement from some other strange get-ups I've seen her in.
    Is it just me or does she look a little like Diana Ross? I think it's the wild hair, which I love by the way. If I get up the nerve to go natural one day, I would love for my hair to look like that.

  5. thats not a wig, it's a weave