Friday, June 4, 2010

Sidewalk Stalker: Precious Stones in SoHo

So street vendors in NYC are my absolute favorite retailers. Not only can you talk them down on prices, but they have some of the hottest stuff that has never and will never see the flourescent light of a bricks & mortar store. There's just something so authentic and original about picking out a piece off the sidewalk. Hence the start of my new weekly column: "Sidewalk Stalker". For all you ladies who ask where I get my fancy jewels, alot of times they come as a result of my "sidewalk stalking" aka scoping out street vendors. Here's one of my faves...

 His name is "G" and his "store" is located in SoHo on Broadway between Prince and Spring. He makes these amazing pieces of jewelry with wire and precious stone. And his prices are so great. I purchased a double finger ring from him with tiny turquoise stones for only about $14.

 Loved these fish scaled necklaces he was selling. The green one was my fave!

He makes all types of accessories with the stones. I thought these metal headbands were really cute and creative. Stay tuned for more Sidewalk Stalker adventures. If you're ever in town and you happen to pay "G" a visit (On Broadway between Prince and Spring) tell him LoveBrownSugar sent ya!
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  1. One thing I miss about NYC is the street vendors. You can always find the most amazing, unique stuff.

  2. I wish we had street vendors like that down here. Those are really nice pieces

  3. I wish I could things like that out here. Those stones are beautiful