Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fierce or Foolish: Kelis in Jewel By Lisa

 Songstress and rebel fashionista Kelis has been seen around town rocking it out in afro-inspired pieces by Nigerian-based line Jewel By Lisa...

 That seems to be a HUGE trend of late, from my faves like Boxing Kitten and naKIMuli Inc. to newcomers Koko Celeste and now Jewel by Lisa. I absolutely love the pieces Kelis has been sporting. They're fun and clearly summer-appropriate. It almost bothers me though, that it has taken years for the fashion industry to really recognize that the most beautiful pieces trace way back to African roots. The emphasis in fashion, as a whole has been so European-based that they've somehow forgotten or ignored the beauty that can come out of African influence...

 Solange in Boxing Kitten

Years ago, you never saw traditional kente cloth or fabrics from Africa on the runways. Disturbing, yet it give me hope. Let's make lines like these mainstays in the industry and not just "trends". What do you guys think? Is this a "trend" or is tribal print here to stay?

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  1. I love it to death!!!! Sadly though, I think it's only a trend. Like 80's glam, gamine rags, and swathing clothes of late, this style (though I wish it would remain in the halls of "classic" fashiondom) will likely have it's moment, then fade. I'll still rock it tho!

  2. It will only stay if we make it stay! I just looked up Jewel by lisa yesterday! Opened my eyes to a whole new "world" I didn't even know they had an "african Fashion week" in NYC! and i'm half african! lol

  3. Kelis -__- lol and Solange looks great!